Three Things To Bring To Sunday School

Going to church can be one of the most uplifting experiences of the week. In fact it can be the one thing that gets you through a really hard week. Sunday school and church in general is a place to go to worship and to feel love. Feeling love and peace can be a very hard thing to find in a world of chaos and bills. You want to make sure that the time you spend in church and in Sunday school is going to be most beneficial for you. Read More 

Tips For Incorporating Spirituality In Your Loved One’s Assisted Living Facility

If you have a loved one who has to live in an assisted living facility because he or she is unable to take care of him or herself, he or she might be worried about how he or she is going to keep up his or her spiritual life. Your loved one might go to church or a temple regularly to pray and draw comfort from it and the removal of that comfort can be very difficult for him or her. Read More 

3 Ways You Can Benefit from an Akashic-Records Healing

Your soul is the engine to your life. It is the reason why someone exists. The soul gives you meaning and purpose. Every soul is an expression of God's intent and vision for creating that particular person. An Akashic record is a spirited place that holds all records and memories of your souls. Every event, word, and thought that has occurred within the history and future of a soul is recorded in the Akashic record. Read More 

A Better World Through Books: 3 Ways A Religious And Spiritual Library Enhances Your Life And Relationships

Curious readers enjoy collecting books about other cultures and faith traditions due to their intense interest in learning about the world around them. Over time, it's easy to own a small library of books on human spirituality and religious traditions--especially if you shop at quality used bookstores that carry such titles.  Books that discuss and describe the customs, beliefs and histories of other people and their faiths can help you develop in three key ways: Read More