Three Fun Girlfriend Getaway Ideas That Take Less Than Three Hours

If you're like most busy women with a family, you truly cherish the time you spend with your husband and children. Nonetheless, there are probably times when you really feel the need to simply let loose with your crowd of friends the way you used to do in high school and/or college. Traditional girlfriend getaways involve weekend trips to spas, mountain cabins, or otherwise mean being gone for a at least a couple of days, but modern lives can't always accommodate these options. Fortunately, just a couple of hours with female friends and family can do a lot to raise spirits and refresh bonds. 

Following are just three of the many fun adventures that don't last more than a couple of hours designed to help you reconnect with your female friends and relatives.

Group Pedicures 

Few things feel better on tired feet than a professional pedicure, and group sessions shared with your favorite female friends and family members are even better. These generally take place in relaxing environments that offer your choice of adult beverages, tea, coffee, or soft drinks. A group pedicure session is a particularly good idea in late spring or early summer to help everyone get ready for sandal season. 

Paint and Sip Events 

Paint and sip events have become so popular lately that they're even found in small communities, and most of them last about two hours. Your local art gallery can probably steer you in the right direction, and if such an event doesn't exist in your town, maybe a local gallery could be persuaded to host one provided there is enough interest. These events allow participants to unleash their creative sides in a relaxing, fun environment, and you'll be able to take your masterpiece home with you as a memento of your experience — and you may even discover a creative side of yourself that you didn't even know you had. 

Group Palm Reading Sessions

Few things are more fun than having your palm read, but one of them is having your palm read with a group of friends. Group palm reading sessions successfully combine intrigue with relaxation and fun, and you might even leave with added insight into your own life and circumstances. One of the best benefits of this activity is that you and your group will have exciting and interesting conversation fuel for years to come, and you'll create memories that will last for the lifetimes of everyone involved. To learn more, reach out to palm reading services like Psychic Elaine Palmer.