Three Things To Bring To Sunday School

Going to church can be one of the most uplifting experiences of the week. In fact it can be the one thing that gets you through a really hard week. Sunday school and church in general is a place to go to worship and to feel love. Feeling love and peace can be a very hard thing to find in a world of chaos and bills. You want to make sure that the time you spend in church and in Sunday school is going to be most beneficial for you. Here are just a few things to bring with you when you go to Sunday school. 

Your Bible

One of the most important things that you can bring with you to church is going to be your Bible. The teacher is going to be sharing many things from the scriptures, and you are going to want to at least follow along. You may even want to mark a scripture and come back to it later so you can review what was taught. Your Bible is going to turn into your best friend as it become familiar. Do your very best to become acquainted with the verses therein, and you will start to know peace that you did not know was possible.

Pencil And Notepad

One of the best things that you can do while you are in church is to write down your feelings. Your brain will tell you that something makes sense, but your heart is going to tell you what is true. The Holy Spirit is going to be acting upon you when you go to church; make sure that you write down what you are feeling when you are in church because you may find that you forget those feelings once you leave church. If you do forget, you can always go back and read what those feelings were so you never forget. 


A great way to go to church is with a humble heart, willing to do the will of Christ. When you go to church, make sure that you are teachable and humble so the Holy Spirit can work its miracle on you. Bring your most humble attitude so you can be molded into the person that God wants you to be. God wants you to be as happy as possible, so if you come to him with the attitude that you want to be the best you can, he will make it happen. 

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