3 Ways You Can Benefit from an Akashic-Records Healing

Your soul is the engine to your life. It is the reason why someone exists. The soul gives you meaning and purpose. Every soul is an expression of God's intent and vision for creating that particular person.

An Akashic record is a spirited place that holds all records and memories of your souls. Every event, word, and thought that has occurred within the history and future of a soul is recorded in the Akashic record. This record contains more than just information about your souls. It also has information about events, animal souls, and places.

Many people may have an experience in their current life that make them wonder about a past life. Read on to find out how an Akashic-records healing can answer questions about the origin of your soul.

Know How It Is Done

To enter into this spiritual realm, you need to be assigned to a spiritual guide. Your spiritual guide has to get in an intuitive state to reach your hall of Akashic records. This hall is very extensive. Your guide will need your birth information to access specific records.

Most people want to know about their soul's purpose, their relationships, and their career. Your spiritual guide will look for information in the files about your gifts and purpose for this lifetime.

Become More Aware

This healing experience gives you more confidence. When you are confident, you can enter an awareness state at will. This state allows you to release any old emotional blockages.

Experience Complete Freedom

Going through this healing will allow you to experience complete freedom or get on the path of experiencing freedom. It can be life changing to get a taste of freedom. It will give you the power to do things without worrying about what others think. Emotional freedom results in vitality and health.  

Get Rid of Illnesses

Childhood traumas and things from the past can keep you from living a fulfilling life. When you have unfinished business, it can start to manifest out of your body in the form of illnesses. The removal of your emotional cause of your illness will make the illness go away and not recur. If the illness keeps coming back, then you have never treated the emotional reason.

It is common to have questions about your life that you cannot answer without help. A spiritual guide can help you gain some clarity. An Askashic-records healing session heals your emotional, physical, and mental self.

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